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Profile Portal - Rewards and Benefits

about a year ago by James Hunt

We've added new Profile Portal components for Reward and Benefit history + redemption.


Many of our brands use redeemable Omneo Rewards to provide Spend and Earn loyalty flows for their customers. Up until now Profile Portal has displayed the current reward balance within the Loyalty Card component - This is great for day-to-day use, but can leave customers in the dark about reward expiry dates and their history of reward earning.

The Rewards Component

The new dedicated Reward page in Profile Portal provides an expanded view of a customer's reward history, including expiry and remaining balance on each reward, along with branded imagery and content.

Redeeming rewards

For those brands without as POS integration with Omneo rewards, the component also provides a manual redemption process. By selecting a redemption amount and holding the redeem button for 2.5 seconds, Profile Portal will redeem the rewards from the customer's profile and output a scannable barcode.

  • Redemption barcode format can be customised to meet your system's scanning requirements.
  • The manual redemption process includes support for both fixed and custom redemption amounts.

The Benefits Component

To pair with Omneo's new benefit system, Profile Portal now includes new a Benefits Component that provides similar functionality to the Reward Component. Active and past benefits are displayed alongside usage instructions and branded details.

This component allow the same kind of redemption flow and barcode customisations as rewards, to ensure compatibility with different POS systems.